Air Conditioner Evaporator Pan – Drop By The Team ASAP To Find Out Extra Facts..

Ac units come in several types and sizes but all have similar components and must be frequently cleaned to obtain maximum efficiency and prolong the life of the unit. Because units differ in size and style on site common sense plus some mechanical ability are required.

The most significant a part of maintaining any air conditioning unit is cleansing the coils. All air conditioning units will have two coils, one called the condenser coil as well as the other called the evaporator coil. In window type air conditioners the coils are incredibly close with all the evaporator coil being the one in the conditioned space behind the filter.

The condenser coil is one that is outside and rejects the heat. The evaporator coil is normally pretty accessible with out removing a lot of the a/c outer cabinet. The condenser coil however is more hard to get at the side that most of the dirt will develop on. You must try to take away the a/c units’ outer shell by removing any screws which can be holding it. Once you have removed the outer cabinet you must be able to see the back side of the condenser coil that may be so dirty it might not even appear to be a coil surface.

Generally in most homes central air type ac units you condenser coil is located in the part of your air conditioner that sits outside. You might need to remove some louvered panels to have on the coil fins. The Evaporator Tray is situated in an aura handler of some type in side the house. This might be in the duct work above your furnace or in an aura handler within an attic. The evaporator coil can some times be a challenge to have at. Always shut off capability to the system and ware safety glasses as well as gloves.

Cleaning from the Evaporator – One of the more simple tasks that you can perform is definitely the cleaning of the evaporator. If it is easily accessible then it is something that you can completely do all on your own. If not, then you better reconsider doing anything. It is possible to clean the underside in the evaporator using a brush. You can slide it just a little in case you have difficulty in reaching the far end. You just have to be mindful when you find yourself sliding it all out so that do not bend any pipes. You should also clean the tray on the bottom from the evaporator. You have to make certain that moisture will not collect there. You can place some bleach on the pan to stop the development of fungus.

Since you now have access to both coils it’s time and energy to clean them. Start with brushing off as much of the heavy dirt using a small compact stiff bristle brush so that the coil cleaner can be injected to the coil. Now wet the coils with a sprayer or garden hose being careful never to use a lot of water pressure as to bend over or damage the fins. If you find that some fins are damaged you are able to repair these with a coil fin comb. Now spay over a genres quantity of coil cleaner injecting it in to the coils to ensure that it can begin muzjvz loosen the dirt. Coil cleaner within an aerosol can is perfect for injecting the cleaner deep into the coil. Sometimes a liquid concentrate or powder cleaner that can be mixed in a sprayer is effective also because the wand of the sprayer fits into tight areas. These coil cleaners, brushes, coil coating treatment and condensate pan treatment can be bought online at HVAC Maintenance & Supplies . After letting the cleaner soak for 5-7 minutes it best to then rinse or flush the coil with water. If you use a no rinse type cleaner and intend to run the a/c after you do not must rinse the evaporator coil. Normally i recommend flushing the condenser coil the assistance remove dirt. Do this again process until you see clean water emerging from the coil while flushing.

After you coils are clean you are able to use a coil coating treatment that will keep dirt from sticking later on consequently lowering the frequency of coil cleaning. First Strike is a great product that turns you coils into self cleaning coils. Be sure to then clear the condensate drain that may be a drain hose from the evaporator or a weep hole inside the window type a/c unit pan. I also recommend placing some kind of condensate pan treatment tablets or pads in the evaporator pan to avoid future drain blockage. Now reassemble your ac unit as well as your good to go.