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I know you’ve seen this title often and you are probably thinking something like “Ah come on…nobody gives anything at no cost…there should be a catch.” Well there is but it is not quite a catch. You’ll see if you keep reading. Who?

The company making this possible is known as It really is a perfectly legit UK company launched in 2007. Ever since then, they have sent many free gifts to individuals all over the world, totaling nearly £750,000. They can accomplish this due to an amazing and straightforward concept and that is certainly affiliate internet marketing.

How? Other companies pays FJ a commission for each customer they attract for their websites. A part of that commission is used to cover your gift and they also maintain the rest. Everybody is happy. Companies are pleased as this kind of advertising is much cheaper than TV ads. You are happy simply because you get your free gift. is happy for it’s commission.

What’s the catch? You produce a FREE account with, choose your gift and you then must complete one offer. The majority of the offers are free of charge trials or sites where your little investment may return multiplied. In order to obtain your free gift you should market your affiliate link so others do the same thing when you. You can do that in several ways, I am going to show you the way down the road.

Every completed referral you have(completed means a referral who has completed a deal) values £20 for physical gifts and for cash or Amazon vouchers £17. Oh yes, I forgot to mention you can get cash to.

This is centered on getting a free iPhone X or virtually any gift you desire. Every gift includes a price in referrals, for instance the newest iPhone 4 – 32GB Sim Free requires 29 completed referrals.

It may sound to great to be true plus it usually is. But when you’re still not convinced, I’ve prepared several proof videos: Video 1 – Video 2

Ways of getting referrals:

1. Probably the most effective and easy way to get them would be to tell your friends and family to accomplish the same when you. But bear in mind to provide them your referral ID so that they become your referrals.

2. Be active on forums and also have a signature together with your referral ID.(Make sure to read the forum’s rules because some usually do not accept this.)

3. Create a website or even a blog and commence promoting it. There are numerous free ways to promote your website and you do not have as a SEO expert like Traffic-Exchanges, free web directories, article posting etc. Remember: Google is your friend.

4. Send an e-mail in your address book making a signature together with your referral ID.

5. Don’t forget about social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. These have an immense advertising potential. Again, Google is the friend.

They are just a couple of ways. There are a lot on the market and several not discovered yet. Put your creativity towards the test.

Tip – This is extremely helpful to me and I hope it will be for you too. Set up a target, several referrals that you might want to get each month and make everything you can to reach that number. Write that on paper and set it nmygvx in which you can look at it. Do that as well as your subconscious can keep you motivated and filled with energy. That would be all. I am hoping you now have all you need to start out.